13 Stripes Collaboration

We did a fun collaboration with our Taylor’s Mill neighbor, 13 Stripes Brewery for a visionary founders meeting called “All Good Things”. The founders meeting is for a large event they host called “Hymns and Hopps”. It is a huge event that attracts hundreds where people gather to drink beer and sing Hymns. Sofia Invitations made a unique invitation for the visionary founders dinner that is hosted before the event to organize the event, bring the founders together for fellowship, and to discover ways to carry the movement forward together. Pinpoint custom made a puzzle with the pieces pertaining to the event for the founders to engage in together.


All Good Things Invitation

The invitation is printed on cream card stock and features an engraved cork circle in the middle to give it the invitation a rustic unique feel.



The “All Good Things” puzzle contains reflective gold and silver acrylic pieces plus more displaying a guitar, paint brush, beer mug, music notes, paint tray, leaf, and SC. Engraved on the inside of the puzzle is the founders goal, “The purpose of All Good Things is to foster international gospel connections in unconventional ways”.


The Event

Check out this amazing event and brewery that we are stoked to be able to be apart of!