Materials we can laser cut and engrave.

What materials can we laser cut?

We can laser cut many materials including wood, acrylic, cork, fabric, leather, paper, and a few more. We cannot cut materials like PVC which contain chloride, harmful to our laser cutters. We also cannot cut vinyl, or metal. There are acrylics available that have the look of different metals that we use instead.

What materials can we engrave?

We can engrave wood, acrylic, cork, fabric, leather, paper, and a few more….all with different results. We can engrave metal using a special solution. The results will be black. Laser engraving works best on aluminum and stainless steel, and not as well on metals like copper or brass.

Can I give you my own materials for you to laser cut or engrave?

Yes. You can mail or bring us your own materials for us to laser cut or engrave, for a small fee. For a full job, we recommend for you to supply us with extra material in the event there is a mistake made. Lasers are not perfect, just like we, as people, are not perfect!

What is your turn around time for laser cutting or engraving?

Production time for laser cutting or engraving custom jobs may depend on the project and/or how busy we are. For most custom sign orders, it can usually take approximately 2 weeks for us to make your sign, because we sometimes need to order materials, assemble parts, and/or create artwork to be laser ready.

For custom jobs, if you are local to Greenville, South Carolina, we may be able to complete your job within a few days to 1 week. Also depending on how large the job is, and how busy we are.